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Wang Yi Speaks with Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod on the Phone
2022-05-12 23:35

On May 12, 2022, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi had a phone conversation with Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod.

Kofod said, Denmark and China share extensive common interests and enjoy robust bilateral relations. The Danish side attaches great importance to the comprehensive strategic partnership between Denmark and China, and hopes to advance the negotiations on the Green China-Denmark Joint Work Programme and reach a consensus at an early date.

Wang Yi said, China and Denmark have sought common interests with mutual respect and managed differences properly, with bilateral relations maintaining a sound momentum of development. China is ready to work with Denmark to push the sound and stable China-Denmark relations to continuously grow with greater maturity. China is ready to push for an early agreement between the two sides on the Green China-Denmark Joint Work Programme, so as to open up broad prospects for the cooperation between the two countries in the next stage.

The two sides exchanged views on the Ukraine issue.

Kofod expounded on Denmark's position, and said that Denmark hopes China could exert its influence to prevent the conflict from lasting for a long time and avoid a humanitarian disaster. Denmark is ready to work with China to continue efforts to call for a ceasefire and promote peace talks.

Wang Yi said, when handling international and regional affairs, China always draws its conclusion independently based on the merits of each matter, and always stands on the side of peace, facts and truth. President Xi Jinping has made important and authoritative elaborations on China's position on many occasions. We believe that neither war nor sanctions are the right way to settle disputes. China's efforts are focused on one point, that is promoting peace talks. Since the very beginning of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, China has been working in its own way to promote peace talks and defuse tensions. China will continue to make efforts in this direction and welcomes all efforts of the international community that are conducive to promoting peace talks.

Wang Yi said, China understands the immediate concerns of European countries on the Ukraine issue. The pressing task at present is to forge synergy among countries to prevent the conflict from being prolonged and expanded, reach a ceasefire and end the conflict as soon as possible, and alleviate the humanitarian crisis. Parties concerned should demonstrate their political will to resolve the issue and seek a solution on the basis of accommodating each other's legitimate concerns. The international community should also continue to create favorable conditions for direct negotiations between Russia and Ukraine and make necessary room for a political settlement.

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