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Notice on the Adjustment to the Requirements of Health Code Application (November 13, 2022)
2022-11-13 21:24

To further optimize COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control, starting from November 13, 2022, all China-bound passengers departing from Albania are required to take one COVID-19 RT-PCR test according to the following requirements to apply for the health code (including Health Declaration Certificate Health Code for Non-Chinese passengers).

1. All China-bound passengers are required to take only one COVID-19 RT-PCR test within 48 hours before boarding their flights to China and apply for the health code by providing a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test report and other documents.

2. Passengers shall take one COVID-19 RT-PCR test either in Albania or their transit city within 48 hours before boarding their flights to China and apply for the health code from Chinese Embassy or Consulate General accredited where he got tested. Passengers are required to show their valid green health code to board their flights to China.

3. Applicants who have an infection history or are close contacts of confirmed COVID-19 cases or show suspected symptoms or have test reports with “Uncertain” results or with Ct value in gray range can also apply for the health code by providing one negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test report tested within 48 hours before boarding.

4. Required Documents and Application Procedures

(1). Non-Chinese applicants shall visit the following website: 

https://hrhk.cs.mfa.gov.cn/H5/ to create an account, then log in and apply for the health code.

(2). Documents to be uploaded shall be clear and complete. Please keep the test reports and other documents with QR codes unfolded and clear. Documents required are as follows:

① One negative RT-PCR test report issued by test labs licensed by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Albania.

② Passport or other travel documents.

③ Valid Chinese Visa or Foreigner's Residence Permit of the PRC. (Excluding passengers entitle to visa exemption)

④Detailed flight itinerary (indicating passenger’s name, passport number, flight number, ticket number or booking reference and other necessary information).

5. Contacts

Tel: +355-692088899

Email: tirana@csm.mfa.gov.cn

Chinese Embassy in Albania kindly reminds all passengers travelling to China to reinforce COVID-19 prevention before boarding and during the entire trip to ensure a safe journey.

                        Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Albania

                                              November 13, 2022

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