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Notice on the Health Code Application for China-bound Passengers
2022-01-21 23:05

Starting from January 24, 2022, as a measure to further prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the risk of cross-border transmission, China-bound passengers departing form Albania, who have been fully vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccines are required to take TWO PCR tests instead of one PCR and one anti-body test in applying for the Health Code (including Health Declaration Certificate Health Code) .

1.All China-bound passengers who have been fully vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccines are required to submit two negative PCR test reports in applying for the Health Code.

2.Passengers shall take PCR tests respectively in the two test labs designated by the Chinese Embassy in Albania (American Hospital and Intermedica) within 48 hours before departure.

3.Fully vaccinated passengers refer to those who have received all the necessary doses with required intervals and the last dose at least 14 days before application. 

4.Documents and Procedures

(1). Non-Chinese passengers shall visit the following website: 

https://hrhk.cs.mfa.gov.cn/H5/ to create an account, then log in and apply for the Health Code.

(2). Documents to be uploaded shall be clear and complete. Please keep the test reports, vaccine certificates and other documents with QR codes unfolded and clear. Documents required are as follows:

① Two negative PCR test reports, vaccination certificate and Letter of Commitment on COVID-19 Vaccination.

② Residence Certificates (passport of Albania, Residence Permit for Foreigner, visa, passport page with Albania-entry stamp or other documents showing the date of arrival in Albania). 

③ Detailed flight itinerary (including passenger’s name, ID number, flight number, ticket number or booking reference and other necessary information).

Meanwhile, passengers who have not been vaccinated or not fully vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccines still need to take both PCR and antibody tests within 48 hours before departure. PCR and IgM anti-body test reports issued by any of the two aforementioned test labs shall be submitted.

Passengers who have had COVID-19 infection history or unprotected contact with confirmed, suspected or asymptomatic cases and those who show suspected symptoms or are rheumatoid patients are required to fill Personal Health Monitoring Form to apply for the Health Code. In such cases, please contact the Chinese Embassy in Albania (+355-692088899, consulate_alb@mfa.gov.cn) before confirming the departure date. 


1.Letter of Commitment on COVID-19 Vaccination

2.Personal Health Monitoring Form

                                                                                   January 20 , 2022

Letter of Commitment on COVID-19 Vaccination.docx

Personal Health Monitoring Form.docx

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